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Senior Pranks Legal

2. “About 30 years ago, the high school would buy 10,000 business cards that simply read “Class of 1985” and hide them everywhere. Under the sofas, behind the paintings, in the books in the library, in the ceiling tiles. Needless to say, maps are still sometimes found today. – [deleted] Some students give their teachers one apple a day. This high school decided to go in a different direction. The students simply walked into the principal`s office and laid it out with hundreds of small chocolates and candy. This is one of the most delicious pranks. Senior Ditch Day is sometimes the best opportunity to play a prank on a school principal. They are busy at school while the elders play a trick. It is enough to buy plastic wrap and wrap the director`s car in several layers.

This farce could backfire if the director doesn`t have a sense of humor. “The elders had a `pool room` at the intersection in front of the high school office. They had lounge chairs, a small children`s pool (filled with water!) and lots of pool toys. The principal thought it was a scream and sat in a pool chair with her feet in the pool before school started. – Lauren M. 13. “We combined our senior prank with our senior gift for our band director. We took his old office chair, took him to the top of the 2-story watchtower he stands on to watch us during walking rehearsals, and threw him away (to film his reaction, of course). Then, when he brought us in to yell at us, boom, there was a new chair at his desk. “- anjn79 “Most of the students at our school set it up with our superintendent and the superintendent of our rival school.

The elders of each school secretly changed schools for the day. I went to my first period class, and there were plenty of thirty kids I had never seen before. I played it in the crotch and walked around and gave them names I thought I sounded. Then came another 30 elders from the rival school, followed by a television crew and our superintendent. It was pretty well done. – Jason J. A senior prank, also known as a muck-up day in Australia[1] and the United Kingdom[2][3] is a type of prank organized by the graduate school of a school, college or university. They are often carried out towards the end of the school year and are part of the school tradition.

While most older pranks are harmless, more serious pranks can include damage to school property and other crimes that can result in disciplinary or even legal consequences against the perpetrators. [4] [5] For seniors who want to leave their mark for the year before starting the next stage of life, let this post be a way to pick up a piece of paper from your parents` book: Have fun, but be careful. Several older pranks involved animals. and number them incorrectly! One of our favorite pranks for seniors, recorded on video! The final year class, which makes a memorable prank, is an annual tradition in hundreds of schools. Some students follow the classic route and use toilet paper. Other students create elaborate pranks that require weeks of planning. This is the biggest test in the lives of these students. They have to use everything they learned in school for the prank. Of course, some students go too far and border on vandalism. An excellent senior prank is creative, innovative, funny, harmless and avoids criminal misdeeds. Since the beginning of the senior pranks, students have used balloons in hundreds of different ways. Balloons are harmless, but cause a loud and disturbing noise.

Blocking a staircase and sealing balloons with plastic wrap is one of the most creative balloon pranks. The only options are to leave the balloons or cut the plastic wrap that releases the balloons at school. We all know that elder pranks are often a long-awaited tradition for restless high school students. The pranks range from tame to hilarious to horrific and bizarre, as seen at a recent senior prank in Knoxville, Tennessee. “We swapped the high school class with another local high school for the day.” “We have a day every year where they have to do a lot of pranks and some traditional pranks.