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Should I Major in Legal Studies or Political Science

Since law school applications typically require two or more letters of recommendation, it is important to get to know some full-time faculty members well by taking two or more of their courses in different semesters. These letters do not need to be written by the Faculty of Political Science; It is important that the author of the letter knows the student well. The higher the rank of the faculty member, the better; Auxiliary instructors should not be used as references unless there are no full-time professors available to write letters for you. Suffolk University`s Department of Political Science and Legal Studies is just steps from the Massachusetts State House – the epicenter of Boston`s vibrant national and international political scene – and we take full advantage of our “extended campus.” At Suffolk University in Boston, political science students can accelerate their studies and earn bachelor`s and master`s degrees in just five years. The Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Toledo offers a major in Political Science with a specialization in Law. This program is designed to allow students to focus their studies on law, legal processes, and legal institutions for careers in the legal profession, for leadership in public affairs, as well as for an interesting major. And, of course, this strong specialization in the liberal arts provides excellent preparation for law school and a subsequent career as a lawyer or judge. The specialization requires the completion of 34 hours in political science, as well as associated courses and other requirements common to the College of Arts and Sciences. If you are considering a career in the public service outside of government, our Political Science degree offers good preparation for working in non-profit, public and private foundations or other non-governmental organizations such as charities, charities, charities or educational or religious institutions. These organizations operate at the local, state, national and international political levels, working on virtually every issue in the world. The tasks of these organizations range from improving local schools, neighbourhood housing, government health and environmental policy to issues of global food security and human rights. Yes. NYU has launched a separate public service program that offers tuition reduction for students who actually enter the public service after graduation.

It should be very competitive. CUNY Law School at Queens College also emphasizes public service and has overcome its previous problems. Under the leadership of the new dean, graduate pass rates on the bar exam are now close to the average state pass rate. CUNY Law School actively encourages applications from diverse and non-traditional students. In addition, Harvard University repays loans to its students who wish to pursue careers in the public service; Other law schools may have similar programs. If you want to study law and become a lawyer, our political science and privilege programs offer you the best preparation for law school. Many political science graduates continue their formal studies after a bachelor`s degree. The successful completion of a thesis in basic political science is the basis for the study of law. In fact, as a general rule, a majority of our majors are at least seriously considering studying law. Yes.

With 75 degree credits and 21 major credits (and minimum overall GPA 3.3, GPA major 3.4), you are eligible to be accepted into Pi Gamma Mu, the National Society of Honor for the Social Sciences. Suffolk University in Boston offers students the opportunity to pursue a university minor in political science. The best preparation for LSAT and law school itself is to take courses that require intensive reading and analytical skills, such as political science courses in political theory or philosophy courses in logical thinking. Also, students should not take too many 100-level courses, as a loaded transcript from them indicates that the student has not taken enough difficult courses. Our graduates hold a variety of positions including: corporate CEOs, human resources managers for a large chemical company, director of enterprise risk management for a Fortune 500 company, purchasing and contracting agents, real estate developers, publishing agents, lobbyists, translators, convention managers, real estate and insurance brokers, salespeople and employees in the oil and gas industry. In today`s increasingly interconnected global economy, almost every business is affected by global politics and economics. All businesses are increasingly regulated by law. Whether you`re studying general political science, privileges, or international relations, you`ll be set to succeed in today`s business environment.

Positions in politics and government are the most typical choice for political science graduates, in addition to legal careers. You can also use your political science specialization as a stepping stone into a number of non-political and non-governmental fields, from business to media. However, it is not necessary to study political science to enter law school. Law schools are more interested in your LSAT grades and scores than your major. Students considering law school would be better served to choose majors where they read extensively, write, and reflect on topics that interest them. While political science offers much practice in these essential intellectual pursuits, so do many other social sciences and humanities majors. Do you want to enter the private sector? Because of our intensive writing requirements in all of our graduate political science courses, all of our bachelor`s degree programs in political science offer excellent preparation for careers or graduate programs in business. The minor in Economics, which requires courses in accounting, economics, finance and marketing, is a common minor taken by our pre-law majors in preparation for a career in business law.