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Signification Du Mot Legal

Fourteenth century.— And only legally in positive law. (ORESME Eth. 156) — It is said that a man is legal who supports loys (thesis ORESME de MEUNIER.) Lat. legalis. Legal is the same as loyal (see this word). Legal has been revised in Latin; Primitive education is lethal or lawful. This article is from Wikipedia, the main user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been verified by professional publishers (see full disclaimer) authentic, competent, honest, legal, legitimate, legal, loyal, authorized, regulatory, regular, tolerated, valid, valid legislation – legal, legitimate [derived] thirteenth century — Thus were maintained until the day li legaus [people of the law] and li esleus and the other barons [formed] a single parliament (Chr. de Rains, S. 92) Oratory, rhetoric – rhetoric[Derivative] This meaning has been forgotten; Moreover, legal etymology is the same as loyal.

The information collected is intended for CCM©Benchmark Group to ensure that you receive your newsletter. You can©also check your targeting options at any time. Learn more about our privacy policy©. 5. which has a legally recognized value, which imposes by law “a valid title on property” used in the law “profession of lawyer”. decide, decide – Judges – Centre of judges – Law, Jurisprudence, Law – Legislation – judicial – judicial, judicial, legal – judicial, legal – judicial, judicial – magistral (en)[derivative] Arbitrator, arbitrator, judge, jury member – officer – judge, magistrate, jurist, magistrate[Hyper.] Folâtre, Folchonner, Toll, Play Loud – Acrobatics, Athletics – Chosen – Eligibility [Derivative]. ↘ legal, legalistic, legal, legal, legal, illegal act ↗, issued, illegal, illegitimate, illegal, illegal, law ≠ illegal, illegal, irregular Legal Brasilia • Legal document as subject • Legal Registrar • Legal Code • Legal tender • Seat of jurisdiction • Compulsory deposit • Extra-legal • Deposit of funds • Legal successor • Institute of Forensic Medicine • Legal tender • Forensic • Legal extortion • Legal representative • Age of majority • Legal establishment Legal country, all those who, in a constitution where there is no universal suffrage, have the exclusive right to appoint the representatives of the country; is said to be in contrast to universal suffrage. They are©also used© for promotional purposes using©subscribed options. • The Liberator, the Holy of Holies, would bring eternal justice, not the lawful but the eternal (PASC. Pens. XVI, 16, ed.

HAVET.). 3. Who is loyal? M. Naudé was a very wise and prudent man, very well regulated, who seemed to live in a certain natural justice; he was a very good friend, a very equal and very legal, the spirit of Guy Patin, Amsterd. 1713, p. 284. • Charles [1st of England] had domestic virtues, courage, moderation, integrity; but all his deeds were denied with the law in hand; they could be good, but they were not legal (CHATEAUBR. Stuarts, Charles 1.) Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment, leisure [Hyper.]. Which is in accordance with the law. Voies lã©gales.

Equality means©. Charles [1st of England] had domestic virtues, courage, moderation©, integrity©; but all his deeds were denied with the law in his hand; they could be good but they were not©©happy, Chateaubriand, Stuarts, Charles 1st. There was a text© that supported any encroachment©on power; there is one who forced© the doctor©to betray the institution where the wounded had©© been gathered©, Carrel, Åuvres, vol. IV, p. 209. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the sections: Who is according to the law? Legal channels. Legal Remedies. You have©©the right to access and rectify your personal data©, as well as a right to request deletion within the limits provided for©by law. 1. What is required by law. Legal formalities. 2.

Theological concept. Which has to do with the old law. Legal order. Legal ceremony. Legal meat. Legal implications. Declaration of legal deposit • Legal deposit • Mention of legal deposit. • There was a legal text that supported any encroachment on power; It was found that the doctor was forced to betray the institution where the wounded had been housed (CARREL Œuvres, vol. IV, p.

209) A Legal Affair • Barely Legal • Barely Legal (TV series) • Legal Pass • Legal Coup • Legal tender • Legal despotism • Digital Legal Management • Legal deposit France • ECW Barely Legal • Legal Financing of French Political Parties • Institut médico-juridique de Paris • International Legal English Certificate • Lexxus Legal • Legal or illegal • Mat de Legal • Persons for legal and non-denominational schools • Legal density ceiling • Street legal • Extra-legal work • Age of majority for alcohol consumption Legal murder, unjust death penalty but the forms of the law were respected. LEGAL, LEGITIMATE. What is legal is in accordance with the law. What is legitimate is consistent with fairness. An act that violates the law can never be lawful; But it may be legitimate because of the circumstances. Judge, magistrate, lawyer, judge – judicial expert, lawyer.