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Supreme Court Court of Appeal Daily List

The Court holds hearings in approximately 70 to 80 cases each year. Oral arguments are an opportunity for judges to ask questions directly to lawyers representing the parties to the case and for lawyers to highlight arguments they consider particularly important. Debates are usually held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, starting on the first Monday in October and ending until the end of April. As a rule, the court holds two pleadings every day from 10:00 a.m., each lasting one hour. The dates on which oral arguments are held are indicated in the Court`s annual calendar. The specific cases to be heard each day and the counsel who will represent them are listed on the hearing lists for each meeting and the day of the conference call for each argument session. Seating in the courtroom is available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. The six calling districts are color-coded. View and enlarge the map. Their links and the respective prefixes of the case numbers are listed below: 1st arrondissement – A 2nd arrondissement – B 3rd arrondissement – C 4th arrondissement – D, E and G 5th arrondissement – F 6th arrondissement – H The new integrated list of decisions summarises all decisions rendered during a judicial period, identified by type of case and type of decision. To quickly reorder the list, click one of the column headings (except the folder number). For more information about using the decision list and an explanation of the codes, see: About the decision list.

Links to all decisions filed during the current court period are listed in the table below. Are you looking for a list of expert opinions from a previous judicial period? If so, please visit the Information and Research page. Expert opinions from September 1991 to the present are available online. For jury duty, speeding tickets or local court information, contact your trial court: Note: To ensure the health and safety of the public and Supreme Court staff, the Supreme Court Building will be closed to the public until further notice. The building remains open for official operation. All public lectures and visitor programs will be temporarily suspended. All COVID-19 announcements can be found here. In the afternoon of each plea, the court releases transcripts of the day`s arguments. On the Friday of each week of hearings, the Court also makes available audio recordings of the week`s oral arguments. For more detailed help on new opinion list features, download the preview by clicking here. Audio recordings and transcripts of all oral arguments heard by the U.S.

Supreme Court will be posted on this website on the same day a closing argument is heard by the Court. Same-day transcripts are considered official, but are subject to a final exam. California courts of appeals are divided into six appellate districts based on geography. Some appeal districts are subdivided into divisions. West Virginia`s court system is an equal opportunity employer to ensure equal access and fair, non-discriminatory treatment for all. 2021 West Virginia Court System – Supreme Court of Appeals. All rights reserved. QUICK TIP: For more help using the opinion board, click on the one on the right side of the page. When the page loads, the File Date column is sorted in descending order. In 2006, Justice Sandra Day O`Connor became the second Supreme Court justice to serve as Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade. On January 1, 1955, Chief Justice Earl Warren served as Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade, leading flower-covered floats, marching bands and equestrian units in a grand procession.

Chief Justice Warren was the first Supreme Court justice to receive this honour. However, the title was familiar to Warren, having served as Grand Marshal in 1943 while he was governor of California. In 1943, Governor Warren`s duties were more limited, as the parade was cancelled due to U.S. involvement in World War II. As a heavy downpour threatened the 1955 parade, the events went ahead as planned and were broadcast live in color throughout the country for the second time.