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Vicroads P Plate Legal Database

Life as a young person should be relaxed and relaxing. But when it comes to driving, sometimes it seems like the opposite! If you are on your P licence and working towards getting your full licence, there are a number of P licence plate restrictions and P licence plate rules that you need to be aware of and follow. This is how the general Victorian traffic rules. The new initiative is designed to “combat the high record among P-license plate drivers,” according to VicRoads, but some of the safest and newest cars on the road have been banned, while many older, less safe vehicles are considered acceptable. If you are over 21 years old and have passed your driving test, go directly to your green P license plates, which you must hold for 3 years before applying for a full licence. To reduce the increase in tolls among youth, VicRoads has launched a new website that lists which vehicles can and cannot be driven by drivers of P license plates. If a driver of a P licence plate is caught driving a prohibited vehicle such as a turbocharged or V8 car, they will be fined $239 and three demerit points. You must display your L or P license plates every time you drive. When all prohibited vehicles are searched, more than 11,000 vehicles will be listed in the new VicRoads database, while more than 50,000 cars will be approved. The extensive database behind the new online resource is operated by, which is part of the Ltd.

family. You should always have your ID with you and clearly display your L license plates when driving. You must display your P license plates every time you drive. The plates must be visible at a distance of 20 meters. But since the rules of plate P change from state to state, it`s perfectly reasonable to call them confusing. That`s why we wrote this guide, and that`s why we`re writing a guide on P disk restrictions for each state – you`ll find the links below. The information comes directly from the Victorian vehicle registration database maintained by VicRoads. You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a learning permit. If you are on your L license plates, you should always have an experienced driver with you when driving. You must also display your L license plates every time you drive. The vehicles reviewed apply to recently launched models that have not been evaluated and the guidelines are not clear in this regard. When a vehicle is inspected, it is not clear whether P-billalists will be fined.

Let`s put that aside first. There is only one P license plate restriction if you want to use GoGet, we require drivers to have at least one year of solo driving experience. This means that no matter how old you are, if you`ve been on your P-plates for 12 months, you can participate! VicRoads` new guidelines require that any car equipped with turbocharging, compressor-to-compressor, eight-cylinder and even “certain high-performance six-cylinder vehicles” be removed from the P license plate list. Since ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, there is a lot to consider for Victorian P-plate drivers, we understand that! P license plate restrictions are confusing at first, but you`ll get used to them and get used to driving them. “The new website allows motorists to immediately check whether the car is banned or not. This will be a useful resource for P-Plattler when they buy their first car. It will also help P-plattlers check if a car they want to borrow is right for them,” Mulder added. After passing the driving test, you will receive either your red P plates or your green P number plates.

If you are under 21, you will receive your P1 driver`s licence or red P number plates. You must stay on the red P plates for one year before you can apply for your green P, which you must have for three years before you can apply for a full license. Your vehicle`s license plate is the combination of letters and numbers on your vehicle`s license plates and reads as follows: In Victoria, the first driver`s licence you need is your apprentice. This allows you to learn how to drive when an experienced driver with a full license is sitting in the passenger seat. After passing the requirements, you can take your driving test and apply for a temporary driver`s licence (your red P plates).