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Who Is the Only Person above the Law

How is this possible when “no one is above the law”? The speech and debate clause of the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 6) reads: “. Because a speech or debate in one of the two chambers (senators and deputies) cannot be questioned elsewhere. In the 1973 decision Doe v. McMillan, “. The (Supreme Court) has ruled that the clause protects acts such as voting, conducting committee hearings, issuing and distributing committee reports, subpoena of information required in congressional investigations, and even reading classified documents stolen from a subcommittee`s public record,” the U.S. Chief District Justice wrote. James L. Buckley, in The Heritage Guide to the Constitution. In a recent book by James Zirin titled “Plaintiff-in-Chief,” he shows how Trump used “the law” in more than 3,500 cases as a tool to squeeze many companies and individuals who provided services to his businesses, or as a weapon of aggression to harm his enemies. When I read this book a few years ago, it became clear how, with personal immunity in power, he would continue to abuse the law for his personal gain. However, in the vast majority of cases, there is a legitimate dispute that must be resolved before our courts. It is much better than the alternative.

But impeachment should not be the only way for a president to be held accountable for committing a crime. No matter what he may think, Donald Trump is not a king. He is not a president. And our democracy only works if everyone can be held accountable. These changes will ensure that this is the case for generations to come. In a 2019 ruling that asked former White House adviser Don McGahn to testify at a congressional hearing about former President Donald Trump`s alleged abuse of power, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said that “presidents are not kings.” If we take seriously this admonition from our next Supreme Court justice and examine the evidence gathered so far by the House Select Committee on the January 6 attack, we can – and must – conclude that prosecuting Mr. Trump is not only permissible, but also necessary in the interests of American democracy. In other words, members of Congress cannot be held accountable for the lies they tell in the course of their official work, including the fact that “no one is above the law.” In contemporary documents, the entire above text is in a single paragraph. We have added pauses to make it easier to read on the Internet. Full text He learned only half of the art of reading, who didn`t add the more sophisticated art of jumping and skimming? Given that Congress is constitutionally above the law, how can we trust everything they say in the conduct of the official business of the “people”? The sad truth is that we can`t.

In addition, there are few, if any, laws dealing with honour, integrity, ethics and responsibility, to name just a few principles of personal conduct. Although Congress has “ethics committees” and rules, these do not have the force or punishments of the law that mere mortals must abide by. They exist primarily for entertainment purposes. And don`t forget their secret money bribery fund, the details of which they have kept before our eyes for years. This week`s hearings showed us that Mr. Trump pretended to think he was a king, not a president, subject to the same rules as the rest of us. The hearings included extraordinary testimony about the former president`s and his allies` relentless push to undermine the 2020 election against at least 31 state and local officials in states such as Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania. He or his allies have twisted everyone`s arm, from senior U.S. Department of Justice officials to lower-level election workers. However, the fight continues as 100 senators decide whether our former president committed crimes and misdemeanors that threatened the existence of our democracy. There are also people who voted against taking the second impeachment trial to court; They argue that since Trump is no longer in office, there is no need for impeachment. Other senators argue that this would give every president a license to commit a misconduct in recent months — specifically, the kind of crimes provided for by the Constitution as grounds for convicting someone of impeachment.

If you received a free pass because these actions were authorized at the end of your term, you successfully acted above the law. The uniform setbacks against the former president`s numerous attacks on the electoral process have confirmed the concept in our judicial system that no one is above the law. The Senate is the court to impeach a president or a senior government official. I hope he will apply the law to the facts as intended, rather than avoiding trial and letting senators decide the evidence. If not, these senators will once again act above the law. We have been watching for weeks the legal turmoil surrounding the fate of retired Lieutenant-General Mike Flynn. Each week a new esoteric detail emerges according to the final decision of his case. There`s one thing we can count on, because Flynn briefly served as President Trump`s national security adviser — President Nancy Pelosi and other members of the Democratic leadership sternly reminded us that “no one is above the law.” (A close relative of “we are all equal before the law.”) The final act to determine what the law is takes place in the courtroom. The judges are at the top. There are judges, clerks and assistants, as well as judicial staff who directly assist the judge. There are the many clerks and assistants in the judicial system who also help the general public. In addition, there are the people who work for legal publishers and research companies to prepare and digest the cases cited for publication.

These publications help courts and lawyers explain why the law and the particular facts support their client`s position. Finally, there are the many people in the legal services industry who are responsible for overseeing the law and assisting lawyers. These individuals include court reporters, video operators and translators – to name a few. The consistent policy of the national government, so far as it has the power to do so, is to control the unscrupulous man, whether an employer or an employee; but to refuse to weaken the initiative or to hinder or hinder the industrial development of the country. We recognize that this is an era of federation and combination, in which big capitalist enterprises and trade unions have become factors of enormous importance in all industrial centers.